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"All of us have a tragedy in life to deal with, yet only humanity and truthful understanding can find a solution to carry on. Results are found by reason and reflection and not by superstitious, invented by peoples, in a time, where they thought the earth was flat, natural phenomenons were the signs of divine beings, and to brainwash the masses as tool to emphasize power, suppression and discrimination."


ARose – The natural fit, is a personal German community brand of Thomas Fleckner and welcomes input from specialists, freethinkers and activists, on an international multilingual level. 

Atheism and specially LGBT Atheism should not just be seen as a field for the highly educated, maybe even PhD holders, as it is found in all sections of society. Personalities are not only educated by schooling institutions, but find a large part of their education in a life of curiosity, travel and communication.

The founder of this web site Thomas Fleckner is saying: ”My inspiration was the reflection of my life, fighting for my role and place. My spark was some friends, who pushed me to script what is inside. My courage was awakened up by a man I dared to push to the limit; Christopher Hitchens.

Filipino LGBT and Atheist Activists are securing the Tagalog communication on this web site, and through the German and Dutch LGBT and Atheist activists we can correspond also in German and Dutch.

In 2015, ARose has added the issue of the "Islamisation of Europe" to its agenda. The opposition towards the political Islam, instrumentalised Islam and the aim for islamic world domination. ARose supports Humanism in its interpretation of excludeing being tolerant or helpful towards the intollerant, Atheism as a life style, not just as the disbelief in gods, and secularism in its clear seperation of religion and state, hence not the German model.

ARose is functioning legally under German law, as the server of this website is located in Germany and also its legal base. Unregistered communities enjoy the same protection and guidance as the registered ones. www.i-arose.org is acting without finacial gain or profit, it is purely personal. ARose operates under: "Bürgerlichem Rechts - ohne "e. V."  ARose actes under German law:

§ 54 BGB , § 50 Abs. 2 ZPO ,



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